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External Antenna Thuraya

The Thuraya external Antenna is a passive outdoor mounted antenna which can be connected directly to Thuraya’s handsets or hotspots and enable satellite connectivity even inside a vehicle. The external system is deployable even without a docking station.

This antenna is compatible with the Thuraya XT, XT-Lite, XT-Pro and all Thuraya SatSleeve models. The kit is complete and includes adapters for the XT, XT-Lite, XT-Pro and SatSleeve phones and 5m extension cable. The antenna adapter fits also to the XT-Pro-Dual but the antenna only gives the Thuraya signal to the phone.

 • Weight: 280g
• Frequency: 1525 - 1660.5 MHz
• Impedance: 50 ohm
• Polarisation: LHCP
• Axial ratio: < 6 dB
• Gain: 4 dBic
• Operating temperature: -40C to +70C
• Ingress Protection: IP66
• Connector: Nf (Antenna)
• Diameter: Ø 96 mm
• Mounting: 3/4" Screw
• Heigh Above Roof: 195 mm